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ORLANDO, Florida., August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VOXX Automotive Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International Society (NASDAQ: VOXX), today announced its partnership with Emergency Security Solutions, Inc. (ESS), creator of the Hazard Enhanced Location Protocol (HELP™️) which revolutionizes vehicle hazard warning systems to prevent collisions with disabled and vulnerable vehicles and their occupants, to make HELP available for virtually every passenger and utility vehicle on the road.

“VOXX Automotive is proud to partner with Emergency Safety Solutions to help commercialize its HELP feature. There are over 280 million vehicles on the road today in the United States that would benefit from this integrated lifesaving technology, which presents an incredible road safety opportunity,” said Pat Lavelle, President and CEO, VOXX International Corporation. “Interfacing factory-enhanced hazard warning lights and GPS-based digital alert technology is state-of-the-art. Our goal is to significantly reduce these preventable incidents, injuries and fatalities. It really is a game-changer to help us achieve that goal.

Agreement expands availability of life-saving AID technology, including manufacturing and distributing solutions to automakers, Tier 1 suppliers, aftermarkets, trucking and powersports to help prevent collisions with all vulnerable vehicles on the road.

TO HELP is a regulatory-compliant safety communication solution that provides multiple layers of enhanced protection for disabled vehicles, their occupants and other road users, including:

  • TO HELP Digital Alerts – Notifications sent to oncoming drivers via in-vehicle displays and GPS navigation apps to give them advance warning when approaching a disabled vehicle.
  • TO HELP Lighting Alerts – Significantly improved and scientifically tuned danger flash pattern, which signals urgency to oncoming drivers, prompting them to slow down and move on.
  • Smart controls – HELP automatically deploys when conditions indicate a need for safety, such as a collision, tire blowout, transmission failure, or inattentive driver takeover (autonomous driving app). Drivers can also activate HELP manually when the danger signal is activated and the vehicle is parked.

Under the agreement, VOXX Automotive will design and manufacture OEM and aftermarket accessory kits including these products for sale through all VOXX Automotive and ESS sales channels. The scope of the agreement also includes HELP DeliverSAFEa specialized version of HELP tailored to the needs of heavy-duty, long-haul and commercial delivery vehicles.

“We are thrilled to partner with VOXX Automotive to bring the benefits of HELP to millions of motorists, commercial drivers and fleet owners who otherwise would not have this option,” said david tucker, Founder, President and President of the ESS. “More than 40 people a day across the United States do not make it home every day due to these preventable accidents. This partnership will dramatically accelerate the wider adoption of HELP to save lives on the road by modernizing the 71-year-old hazard warning found on today’s passenger vehicles and commercial trucks.”

About VOXX Automotive Corporation:

VOXX Automotive Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of VOXX International Society and is comprised of the company’s automotive OEM, Tier 1 and aftermarket businesses with the most recognized brands in automotive technology. From the most innovative rear entertainment solutions and advanced remote start, safety and telematics solutions to obstacle detection and life sensing radar technology, VOXX Automotive Corp. has worked with many OEMs, ports, dealers and 12-volt retailers for decades. With more than 160 engineers on staff and a vast North American footprint, VOXX Automotive is committed to developing next-generation technologies that bridge the gap between content, connectivity and coverage. For more information about VOXX Automotive, please visit our website at www.voxxautomotive.com.

About Emergency Security Solutions, Inc.

Emergency Safety Solutions is a certified minority-owned company whose HELP suite of solutions provides advance warning communications to drivers. The company’s mission is to save lives by eliminating preventable accidents involving vulnerable vehicles that are disabled and stopped on or near active roads. This growing safety issue affects more than 72,000 people each year in the United States, with 15,000 injured or killed.

Media contacts:

jonathan frank | VOXX Automotive | [email protected]

Craig Keller | HSE Communications | [email protected] | 847-476-7543

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