6 international companies announce a new network-centric organization, the Green Horizon Alliance


EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, September 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Six companies have established an informal business partnership, The Green Horizon Alliance. Together, they aim to address the complexities of the evolving cannabis market in an agile, non-bureaucratic, hierarchical manner, thus helping to shape the industry as it moves forward.

The legal cannabis market continues to grow in North America, Europe and LATAM. For over a century, the cannabis market has been marginal; until recently, when governments began to recognize the benefits of cannabis and its related products. Popular categories include seeds, flowers, and extracts such as CBD oil for human welfare, medicine, food, feed, and recreation.

Business analysts predict that demand for cannabis will continue to grow over the next decade, making it a dominant crop. All of this despite regulations that have historically excluded cannabis from mainstream agricultural developments such as F1 hybrid breeding, improved virus and bacteria resistance, overall soil improvement, and sustainable crop management practices.

The companies of the Green Horizon Alliance share a vast knowledge covering all aspects of cannabis and its markets as they are:

  • Based in the United States ( California, Oregon, Colorado), Canada, Israel and the Netherlands
  • Oriented towards CBD and / or THC crops and other specific varieties
  • Specializes in sexual and asexual propagation techniques such as seeds, tissue culture and cuttings
  • Focused on raw materials for field and indoor / greenhouse cultivation
  • Develop new varieties by applying techniques and technologies that have already proven their worth in row crops and market gardening
  • Focused on aligning the cannabis industry with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Committed to bringing the cannabis industry into compliance with international rules and regulations

Over the past year, the Associates have, in different combinations, entered into multiple business initiatives relating to sales and licensing agreements, breeding programs, growth promotion and evaluation.

To learn more about Sole Proprietorships and the Alliance, visit: https://www.rqspro.com/Green-Horizon-Alliance

SOURCE Alliance Horizon Vert


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