Airtel Seychelles invites local and international companies to use the new data center on Perseverance


Airtel state of the art data storage facility recently at Perseverance. (Nation of Seychelles)

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(Seychelles News Agency) – Airtel Seychelles invites local and international businesses to use its recently opened state-of-the-art data storage facility at Perseverance.

The new data center is part of the company’s mission to provide globally admired technologies and services to give Africa a simple and reliable way to connect to the world. the tier three data center was built with the latest technology.

“To be part of the data value chain that includes processing, analytics, storage, security and intellectual property, we need some connectivity and some number of data centers to be present in the country. So this project is exciting, not only because it is a data storage center, but it is a center that innovates in technological development”, declared Amadou Dina, director company general.

Dina said the data center was also built to withstand even the worst tragedies such as fires, earthquakes, power outages, among others.

“As we store data from different companies, we need to ensure that it is safe from the eventuality. That is why we have invested in redundancies for all our equipment, to ensure that the data center works always, no matter what happens outside,” he added.

The data center includes two power systems, two independent transformers, two separate electrical panels and two generators. (Sedrick Nicette, Seychelles News Agency) Photo License: CC-BY

The data center includes two power systems, two independent transformers and two separate electrical panels and two generators of 500 KV each, as well as two separate battery rooms. This is to ensure that if one power system fails, the second can be used.

In the event that the island nation’s Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) experiences a major nationwide power outage, one of the two generators will be able to provide electricity for more than three days. After that, the second generator will start and this may alternate until power is restored. In case of failure of the generators, the batteries will be used.

The Perseverance building, an artificial island, also has an intricate cooling system, which ensures that every room, especially the rooms housing the data servers, is kept at an optimal temperature for the best performance.

“The security and efficiency of data center operations are important to us and here in this room a group of workers monitor everything that happens in the data center, as well as all other operations of Airtel, such as internet traffic and networks,” Dinah said.

He added that Airtel Seychelles can help businesses plan for disaster recovery.

“Enterprises can rely on our 24/7/365 network operations center for monitoring, notification and remediation of data centers and wide area network services. equipping local and international customers within the data center, Airtel offers the opportunity to reduce connectivity costs while increasing scalability and reliability,” said Dina.


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