China says US chips and science law will disrupt international trade and distort global semiconductor supply chains


China on Wednesday criticized a US law aimed at encouraging the production of processor chips in the United States reducing dependence on Asian suppliers as a threat and an attack on trade by Chinese companies. This week, the law was signed President Joe Biden pledges $52 billion (approximately). Rs. 4,11,300 crore) in grants and other aid to investors in US chip factories. That’s partly if supplies are interrupted, that’s one answer. China attacks Taiwan, which produces up to 90% of high-end chips. Communist Party in power in China The autonomous islands are considered part of the territory.

The measure “will disrupt international trade and distort global semiconductor supply chains,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said. “China strongly opposes it.”

Parts of the law “restrict normal investment and economic and commercial activities of enterprises in China”, Wang said without providing details.

Disruption The shortage of chips caused by the coronavirus pandemic has led to a slowdown in the production of smartphones and automobiles. This highlighted our addiction to fleas. Taiwanese chips Chinese Most You can make electronic devices in factories

Fears The risk of disruption has increased by Chinese threats to attack TaiwanThe island was separated from the mainland after a civil war in 1949.

Beijing En In retaliation for the president’s visit, military exercises were held around the island last week. Speaker Nancy Pelosi The United States House is made up of representatives. China believes a visit by US officials to Taiwan would encourage the leaders to make their de facto independence permanent on the mainland.

The CHIPS and Science Act calls for research expenditure of around Rs 200 billion. 15,81,900 crore) over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The Communist Party There have been hundreds of billions spent on developing countries. China’s own industries involved in chip manufacturing Its factory They can only produce low-end products like automobiles and some other products, but not high-end smartphones or any other devices.


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