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Foreign Interest Companies registered in the Republic of Cyprus, including former offshore companies and Cypriot shipping companies, are permitted to employ third country nationals under specific circumstances as described below. It is important to mention that these third-country nationals can exercise their right to family reunification and that their family members (spouse and minor children) can enter and reside in Cyprus.

Interested employers and employees must obtain the appropriate license from the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD).


In order for foreign interest companies, including former offshore companies and Cypriot shipping companies, to employ third country nationals in the Republic of Cyprus, the following conditions must apply and occur:

  1. The majority of shares in the company must be owned by third-country nationals. If the percentage of foreign participation in the share capital of the company is equal to or less than 50% of the total share capital, for the company to be considered appropriate, the foreign participation must represent an amount equal to or greater than the amount of € 171,000, 00.
  2. The natural persons who are the ultimate beneficial owners must be declared, so that the company receives the approval of the Civil Status and Migration Service.
  3. A foreign direct investment of capital in the amount of at least €171,000.00 must be legally admitted into Cyprus from abroad (by the shareholder(s) of the company). This must be proven by bank documents and other appropriate documents. This requirement
    alone applies to companies which will employ staff from third countries for the first time.
  4. The company must operate in independent offices in Cyprus, located in suitable premises, separate from any private accommodation or other office, except in the case of commercial cohabitation.


Eligible companies can employ third-country nationals in the following categories, under the following conditions:

Directors Category

The administrator position includes:

  • Company directors (or Associates in the event of a partnership);
  • managing directors; – Departmental officials.

The minimum salary for an administrator position is €3,872.00 gross monthly, based on a minimum of 12 monthly salaries per year.

The maximum number to be employed in this category is a maximum of 5 people, unless a higher number can be justified in particular circumstances.

Middle Manager Category

Middle management personnel include:

  • Senior/middle managers;
  • Other administrative, technical staff secretariat.

The minimum salary for a middle management position is €1,936.00 gross monthly, based on a minimum of 12 monthly salaries per year.

The maximum number to be employed in this category is 10 people, unless a higher number can be justified in particular circumstances.

Support staff

Third-country nationals not included in the above categories are considered support staff. Companies are expected to hire Cypriot or EU citizens for these positions. In this regard, it must be proven to the Ministry of Labor that there are no such qualified persons available for employment in order for proper employment authorization to be granted.


First, we check the suitability of the company and then proceed to register it in the CRMD register. If the company is not registered with the CRMD, the application for a work permit and the application for registration of the company in the CRMD register can be submitted simultaneously


The validity of the permit depends on the duration of the employment contract and can be up to two (2) years, with a right of renewal. Licensed personnel (key personnel) may reside in the Republic of Cyprus without time limit, provided that they hold a valid temporary residence and work permit.

For support staff, the restrictions applicable to the general employment of third-country nationals in the Republic of Cyprus apply.


All international companies registered with the CRMD as a third country employer must submit annually their audited accounts, their tax clearance certificate, their VAT clearance certificate if applicable, as well as proof of payment of the annual levy of the company.


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Originally published September 17, 2020

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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