Energie Steiermark once again achieves the best results in the GRESB ranking


GRAZ, Austria, February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Energie Steiermark has been participating in the annual Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Rating (GRESB) since 2019. The rating forms the basis for systematic reporting, objective assessment and peer-benchmarking of the ESG management and performance of infrastructure assets around the world. This year, Energie Steiermark built on its successes of the past few years: with around 550 international companies participating, they achieved the highest rating of five stars, once again placing the company in the top 20%.

The leading Styrian company scored 89 points out of a possible 100 in this year’s GRESB rating and was thus able to significantly improve its score from the previous year (85). Comparable companies in the same peer group scored an average of 80 points, with an overall GRESB average of 72 points. Ranked 106 out of around 550, Energie Steiermark has been awarded a 5-star rating, which reaffirms the company’s progressiveness and pioneering role in the sustainable energy sector.

Energie Steiermark scored 100% in the Leadership category (including sustainability goals) and 99% in the Biodiversity and Habitat categories. The score in the Health and Safety category increased from 56% the previous year to 90% in 2021.

“In recent years, we have already taken important decisions on climate neutrality. We were the first Austrian company to receive a 90 million euros EIB green loan for sustainable projects. We are convinced that the implementation of green projects requires green capital. In this way, Energie Steiermark plays a pioneering role through Europe. Our success in the current GRESB rating proves us right,” says the Directors, christian purr and Martin Graf.

Participation in the annual GRESB rating brings a host of benefits to participating companies. However, the focus is on self-assessment of one’s own ESG performance, which is becoming increasingly important, especially for investors and financiers. The GRESB rating also provides a globally standardized ESG assessment that makes it easier to compare companies around the world and provides investors with a comprehensive risk assessment. Participating companies also have the opportunity to identify areas of risk and opportunity, and assess their own influence on the infrastructure where possible. The GRESB network is extensive and includes ING, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan and UBS as investors.

“We know that we still face many challenges in order to make our contribution to this global challenge. As an energy supplier and driver of innovation, Energie Steiermark relies not only on strong local and regional partnerships , but is also active beyond national borders. The GRESB rating sends a strong ESG signal in terms of business models for partners and investors, including internationally,” concludes Directors christian purr and Martin Graf.

About Energie Steiermark AG

As one of the largest service providers of Austria, Energie Steiermark focuses on energy efficiency and innovative services in the fields of electricity, natural gas, heat and mobility. More than 1,880 employees contribute their experience and skills in a fair partnership with around 600,000 customers in Switzerland and abroad. In terms of production, Energie Steiermark AG focuses exclusively on renewable energies from water, wind, sun and biomass. The State of Styria is the majority shareholder. Energie Steiermark achieved sales of €1.58 billion in 2020.

GRESB ranking

Rating participants report their data annually, between April 1 and July 1. This data is then subjected to a multi-layered validation process in order to be able to evaluate and compare it. Participating companies are evaluated in both the Management and Performance areas, and can obtain a certain number of points in each. A GRESB rating is assigned when a submission is made for both areas. The result is high-quality data that investors and participants can use in their investment and decision-making processes.


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