How international companies can legally set up remote workers in Iceland without actually being there


REYKJAVIK, Iceland, February 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — COVID-accelerated technology is transforming and challenging the HR landscape by enabling employees to work anywhere in the world, including Icelandaccording Swapp Agency CEO David Rafn Kristjansson.

“We are a gateway for international companies wishing to establish a commercial presence or retain employees who have moved to Iceland to work remotely. We carry out the hiring process by Iceland much easier by providing B2B solutions, such as Recruitment, Official employeras good as Legal services for international businesses,” Kristjansson said.

Its services are typically used by large international companies from the US, UK, EU and China wishing to establish a commercial presence in Iceland. Iceland is also a good jumping platform for the arctic region because Greenland has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Businesses are drawn to opportunities for Iceland, such as the clean renewable energy sector and the opening of the Arctic seaway due to climate change. Before COVID, more than two million tourists visited the island every year, which also attracted the attention of foreign investors.

If companies want to employ workers in Iceland, they must navigate a complicated tax system and abide by labor laws. Apart from recruitment, his agency also offers employer of record services for foreign companies to hire employees to work legally in the country.

Recently, his agency helped a California the company is keeping existing employees, who wanted to return to Iceland during COVID.

“They came to see us because they needed a company in Iceland to put employees on the payroll. We hired the employees, put them on salary and then billed the company overseas. Doing this is not always as simple as it seems. There are all sorts of rules, regulations and tax agreements between countries that we need to keep in mind when entering into contracts with companies,” Kristjansson said.

The agency acts as a third-party payroll company ensuring that Icelandic taxes are paid and all labor regulations are followed so that employees are entitled to all residential benefits such as health care and education almost free. This Employer of Record model through Swapp Agency is an effective short- and long-term hiring solution for international companies to establish remote workers in Iceland.

The rules of work in Iceland can be complicated but his agency does all the hard work for these international companies. This can be difficult for a foreign company if they plan to do it themselves, especially if they don’t have someone there to help.

Referral Employer Services are now exploding due to the pandemic. His agency has partnered with companies around the world that help build businesses in various countries. The majority of the people they hire are in mid- to high-level positions, such as those in the tech industry, architects, professors with PhDs, software engineers, and more.

International companies are also attracted to the small nation of 350,000 people as it is safe and secure with a highly skilled and motivated workforce. The government is also encouraging people benefiting from tax relief to come Iceland and raise a family.

Iceland enjoys clean air and water and has one of the highest standards of living in the world, with nearly free education and healthcare.

In addition to offering employer of record services to companies looking to establish a small workforce of less than ten people, his agency also offers legal and recruiting services for companies looking to set up operations. most important business in Iceland.

Kristjansson thinks we’re only at the beginning of how technology will completely revolutionize the future of work, and that’s what drives him. People might even swap jobs in the future. Maybe a chef in Denmark will swap jobs with a chef in Iceland for one year.

Technology has made this possible and has turned the world of HR upside down.

“As little as ten years ago, if you were thinking of moving Iceland, you will also need to find a job here too. But everything has changed. Now you can live here and work for anyone in the world, thanks to technology,” Kristjansson said.

To learn how your company can establish remote employees in Iceland To see the Swapp Agency website. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact David Rafn Kristjansson at +354 7831779 or [email protected].

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