International Women’s Day – International Trade Council Women of the Year Award


The International Trade Council, on International Women’s Day, is very pleased to present Ms. Ranjani Rangan, a highly accomplished Singaporean professional, with the ITC Board Woman of the Year 2022 award.

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Ranjani is a multi-talented and highly respected woman who wears many different hats in her daily life and is able to wear each one with admirable aplomb.

Professionally, Ranjani is an outstanding leader within the community and is a senior board professional, speaker, trainer, and AML expert. A seasoned MBA professional and financial expert with over 25 years of experience as an operator and advisor on a number of growth and restructuring initiatives. She has operating experiences and expertise in banking, money services, travel services, corporate secretarial, accounting and training companies gained working for the world’s largest public and private companies. Having lived and worked in 3 continents (US, UK and Singapore) around the world, Ranjani is able to collaborate effectively across borders and cultures to unlock optimal value for her clients.

She is currently the Executive Director of Changi Travel Exchange (a wholly owned subsidiary of Changi Travel Services and Changi Airport Group) and is approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to run a financial institution given her excellent AML experience. /FT. A stellar leader who excels in his role through unique innovations, Ranjani leads the entire Payments function for the organization under the Changi Recommends brand and strives to deliver unique offers to travelers through his payment offerings. A strong believer in corporate social responsibility, Ranjani spearheaded the organization’s initiative to help the migrant worker community send money to their families digitally during the Covid-19 lockdown. Additionally, she organized on-site retail bazaars in dormitories to ensure workers’ basic needs were taken care of. Her tireless efforts were covered in local newspapers and she was also praised by the local regulator for her timely assistance.

Ranjani is also Director of Olimea Advisory, a company committed to helping clients make informed decisions regarding their business expansion plans (strategy and on-the-ground execution) in Singapore. Under her leadership, the businesses she has helped have grown successfully not only in Singapore, but also around the world. Given her background, Ranjani is regularly invited to serve on reputable boards of directors where she provides strategic advice for the growth of the organization as a director. The global boards she sits on include multinational companies in the financial technology, global human resources and finance industries. She is also invited to speak as an expert on SMEs and AML/CFT in local and overseas conferences as well as in local media news programs.

Ranjani’s passion for giving back to the community has seen her lead the International Trade Council as Honorary Chair of the Singapore Chapter, where she focuses on promoting and facilitating cross-border trade between Singapore and the rest of the world. . In this capacity, she works closely with Chambers, Embassies and businesses to add value to Board members to facilitate networking sessions, trade missions and has also assisted them with mentorship initiatives. business. She has also been regularly invited as a judge and speaker for several pitch competitions or conferences and has been very generous in her knowledge sharing to help deserving member companies succeed. A cause that is particularly close to her heart is to shape more future women leaders and especially to have them occupy reputable positions on boards of directors. She also regularly participates in pro bono SME advisory initiatives in conjunction with NGOs in Singapore to help struggling organizations get back on their feet. His willingness to assist the board not only in Singapore but globally for any assistance that required his expertise has been a tremendous asset to the board team.

Her other community roles include grassroots leadership for the People’s Association of Singapore and a particular focus on improving the lives of minority Singaporeans through her role as Vice President of the Indian Activity Council, Queenstown CC, as well as as a key member of the Minorities Working Group. An accomplished Indian arts professional where her love and passion over the years has allowed her to give back as a dancer, judge, emcee, teacher, among others, paved the way for her to contribute as a board member directors of reputable arts organizations in Singapore. This includes being the current Chair of Community and Integration Initiatives at the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society and Director of the Singapore Indian Orchestra and Chorus, where she plays an active role in promoting Indian arts using his artistic and professional experience.

One cause Ranjani truly believes in is helping distressed women who have suffered a major personal setback in her life. She has since made it her mission to help other women in similar situations and has worked with organizations such as the Financial Women’s Network, Project Smile and has also served on the board of Club2Care, an organization that was created specifically to solve this problem. . On a personal level, Ranjani is married to a wonderful partner who supports her in everything she does and is a mother to 2 beautiful teenage daughters aged 18 and 16.

“Ranjani firmly believes that without the blessings of the Almighty, her parents and extended family, the support of her husband and children, the encouragement of all her bosses, colleagues, friends over the years, who have all played a vital role in shaping her at different stages of her life, she could not have donned the many hats she wears today. She humbly thanks the International Trade Council for this very special recognition and hopes to continue to difference around her as long as her health permits”.

The International Trade Council is indeed very proud and happy to present the 2022 ITC Governing Board Woman Award to Ranjani Rangan, a woman of many talents, a woman who continues to break her own glass ceilings and a woman who is indeed a true inspiration and role model for young aspiring women on how everything in life can be achieved with sincerity, perseverance, dedication and hard work. We congratulate her on this well-deserved recognition and wish her much success in all her endeavours.

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