Paykassma: the payment system that has revolutionized international trade


Paykassma is an international payment system through which people in India and other Asian countries can accept payments for international contracts, including high-risk commercial and e-commerce contracts. Paykassma – online payments for your business. The payment aggregator provides a payment gateway called Fondy that small and medium businesses can use to accept payments online through a simple yet affordable mechanism. Payments are made through popular modes including digital wallets, online bank transfers, and cards.

Boost to e-commerce in India and Asia

Paykassma facilitates payments using both P2P and P2C solutions. This is giving a welcome boost to e-commerce in India as well as e-commerce in Asia as a whole. Thanks to Paykassma, customers who enter into lucrative international agreements will be able to accept payments via popular payment methods such as UPI, Paytm or PhonePe.

Binary options made possible

Binary options contracts are also possible using the payout aggregator. In other words, the system allows a trader to make a trade or decide not to, depending on the price of the asset.

Global reach

More than 100 companies have chosen to connect to the payment system. These customers have chosen to enhance their business opportunities by using the payment system. In three years, secure payments via Paykassma have reached more than 2 million recipients in 16 countries.

Benefits of using Paykassma

Paykassma strives to provide several benefits to customers. These include instant payments via currency cards from any country. The main benefits that Paykassma customers derive from using the system are:


Not only is the payment method provided by the company convenient, but it is also intuitive in that it is easily understood by every customer.


Opening an account is a quick process that requires a few easy and simple steps.

24 hour support

Customers who encounter payment-related issues can expect the assistance of a customer support team that works around the clock to resolve these issues.

No website needed

Clients do not need to have a website. Simply creating an account in the personal office of the system will allow them to access the payment system. Fondy allows them to generate a payment link that they can send to customers and request payment by email or SMS or instant messaging. They can even add the link to their invoice.

Free connection

Paykassma does not charge any prepaid fees to allow connection to its service.

Multi-currency payment system

The Paykassma service is driven by the multi-currency payment platform provided by Fondy. The new centralized platform allows Paykassma customers to manage their funds in the currency of their choice. The system allows customers to open multi-currency accounts and get instant settlements that allow them to do business and transact, all in one place.

Module ready to use

The payment module provided by Paykassma is a plug and play device that customers do not have to review in any way. Once they have it installed on their site, they are good to go. Fondy allows its checkout to be integrated on the client’s site or hosted on the client’s platform. The customer can also choose to redirect customers to the payment platform so that the payment can continue.

Simple process

Customers only need to log in to the payment service and set up their desktop. Paykassma accepts the payment and transfers it securely to the recipient’s bank account.

International presence

Although the payment aggregator has a presence in countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia, it also provides payment services to several others upon request. These include Brazil, Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand and Uganda.

Payment methods

Paykassma offers popular payment methods in each country. For example, in India, Paykassma customers can make payments via UPI, PhonePe or Paytm, or even via VISA or Mastercard.


Businesses can securely transfer money through, an online service that offers a convenient and secure method of transferring funds. Paykassma facilitates international trade thanks to its presence in more than 15 countries around the world. These include India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The payment aggregator continues to expand its reach across the world. Through partnerships with European banks, Fondy has managed to provide Paykassma customers with an uninterrupted flow of payments across the globe.

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