Representatives of International Trade Center, UNAIM, NRC sign joint cooperation memorandum with chip manufacturer BEPP CO in Iraq

The Director of the International Trade Center (ITC), Mr. Eric Bochot, representatives of the International Trade Center, accompanied by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAIM) and the NRC visit the Beirut-Erbil company for the signing of a memorandum of joint cooperation under the aegis of the project aimed at strengthening value baskets for agriculture and food and improving trade policies in Iraq SAAVI, which was sponsored by the European Union.

A memorandum of joint cooperation has been signed in the framework of the project aimed at strengthening value baskets for agriculture and food and improving trade policies in Iraq SAAVI

They signed a letter of intent with BEPP, which is a major agribusiness in Iraq, to ​​generate economic opportunities for Iraqi women. The objective of this project is to connect small producers to local markets in order to create inclusive agrifood alliances.

Presentation of General Manager Mr. Shaban Nahar Mahmood and Management Team of Beirut Erbil Company for Potato Products

The project “Strengthening the agricultural and agrifood value chain and improving trade policy” is funded by the EU to support stabilization and governance by strengthening the capacities of key Iraqi institutions to deliver public services, as well as the creation sustainable jobs through capital development and improved private sector competitiveness.

Visitors checking all improvements throughout the department from referenced warehouses, Laboratory to test raw material and finished products, Production Department

(BEPP CO) is a plant for food industries which aims to make Iraq a manufacturer and exporter of potato products in coordination with supporting companies such as Nahar Al-Awrad Company, one of the largest companies in Iraq specializing in the import and cultivation of seed potatoes. . The company currently offers natural potato chips under the following names (Mr.Krisper, Mito) and despite its recent development, the company has achieved great success in local markets by marketing its products throughout Iraq.

Introducing the hard working staff members of the Beirut Erbil company for potato products


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