Russian technology companies will participate in international fairs



Some products: cybersecurity software

  • MWC Barcelona (Spain)
    • Government Participants: US Consulate General in Barcelona; UK Department for International Trade; UK Commonwealth and Development Office; European Commission; UNDP
  • GITEX Global x AI (UAE)
    • Government participants: UK Department for International Trade; Invest in Northern Ireland; Republic of Serbia; Regione Campania (Italian regional agency)

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has recently come under intense scrutiny following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In March, the Federal Communications Commission placed the company on its list of companies deemed a threat to national security.[3] In response, Kaspersky wrote: “This decision is not based on any technical evaluation of Kaspersky products – which the company constantly defends – but rather is made for political reasons.” [4]

Earlier that month, however, we can reveal that FCC’s Jessica Rosenworcel was the keynote speaker at the Mobile World Capital event in Barcelona. Kaspersky was a gold sponsor of the event. The UK Department for International Trade and the Government of Catalonia were also present at the event, alongside Huawei, China Unicorn and Amazon Web Services.

Later this year, GITEX Global x AI in Dubai will host Kaspersky. Russian government institutions will also be represented at the event, including the St. Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade, as well as the Moscow Export Center, which works to promote Moscow manufacturers in the world.

The UK Department for International Trade and various European government agencies are also expected to attend the event.


Some products: facial recognition

  • GITEX Global x AI (UAE)
    • Government participants: UK Department for International Trade; Invest in Northern Ireland; Republic of Serbia; Regione Campania (Italian regional agency)

NTechLabs is one of Russia’s best-known facial recognition companies. He gained notoriety for his FindFace software which was able to identify individuals by scanning images from the Russian social media network, VK.

Since then, the company has deployed facial recognition systems in India, Russia and Bangladesh.[5][6][7]

Despite potentially having access to swaths of sensitive data and seriously invading the privacy of Russian citizens, the company is set to exhibit at an event alongside UK and EU officials to Dubai.

Oxygen Forensics

Some products: Digital forensics

  • Crimes Against Children Conference (USA)
    • Government Participants: Homeland Security Investigations, FBI, multiple police departments, United States Marshall Service, Tallahassee Police Department, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
  • General Police Equipment Fair & Conference (Germany)
    • Government participants: Central services of the Saxony-Anhalt Police Inspectorate; Hessian Police Headquarters for Technology; Office of Police Administration in Saxony; National Criminal Police Office for the North Rhine, central headquarters of the police in Lower Saxony
  • Home office security and policing event (UK)
    • Government Participants: UK Home Office, UK Department for International Trade, Commonwealth and Overseas Development Office, Security Industry Authority, UK Defense and Security Exports -United
  • HTCIA International Conference & Expo (USA / Virtual)
    • Government participants: US Department of Justice Cybercrime Lab
  • Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference (USA)
    • Government Participants: US Airforce, US Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security Investigations, South Carolina Cyber ​​Fraud Task Force, Quebec Provincial Police

Oxygen Forensics creates tools capable of locating, identifying and acquiring data from a device. Its flagship product, Oxygen Forensic Detective, is billed as an “all-in-one forensic software platform designed to extract, decode and analyze data from multiple digital sources.” [8]

According to its website, the company has a wide range of customers, including the U.S. military, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, IRS, and Department of Defense. In Europe, its clients include the Metropolitan Police of London, the French National Police, the Spanish Civil Guard and the German Federal Criminal Police Office. [9]

The company is registered in Virginia but its founders and directors, Oleg Fedorov and Oleg Davydov, are both Russians.[10] In a 2017 Forbes article, it was revealed that the two still reside in Moscow, although we are unable to confirm if this is still the case. [11]

In 2001 Fedorov founded CJSC Oxygen Software which in 2015 was renamed Oxygen Software LLC. Both companies were registered in Moscow.[12] [13]

In 2011, Wikileaks published a promotional brochure made by the company that described the capabilities of the technology. On the last page, the brochure refers to both Oxygen Software and Oxygen Forensics, suggesting a close connection between the two companies.[14] Although Oleg Fedorov does not appear on the Oxygen Forensics website, his LinkedIn profile reveals that he is still the director of the US-registered company.[15]

The American company Oxygen Forensics is expected to participate in 5 shows this year and will present its products alongside companies such as the British Home Office, the FBI and several German federal departments.

Screenshot of the features offered by Oxygen Forensic’s Detective software.


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