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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA/ACCESSWIRE/May 4, 2022/ Star Alliance International Corp. STAL “, Star”, or the “, Company”, )))

Richard Carey, Chairman of Star Alliance International, said, “As Chairman, I am pleased to present the major achievements we have made over the past two years. We completed the acquisition of the Troy mine and acquired and contracted several additional assets. Our greatest achievement is our transformation from a strictly mining company to one that pursues environmentally friendly technologies for the extraction of gold and other precious metals, including rare earth minerals and lithium. We will continue to research new mines to acquire as well as new technologies. assets that support mining operations, both for our operations and for other mining operations around the world. We firmly believe that our new technologies will change the way people perceive the value of traditional mining.

Here are our accomplishments to date:


We finalized the purchase of the Troy mine. We continue to work with the relevant authorities to obtain approvals for the restart of operations. This was our first project with significant gold resources. We are very excited about the future of the recovery of this mine.


In November 2021, STAL signed a binding letter of intent to acquire a 51% stake in Starving Lion Advertising, SA, the company that owns the Genesis gold mining project. This revolutionary environmentally friendly gold mining process extracts up to 98% of gold from oxide ore in 24 hours. The key points of this process are below:

• Lower capital investment requirements compared to standard processes available in the industry. (About 1M USD for the installation of the Genesis module for the treatment of 300 tons of oxidized ore per day). excluding machine costs.
• Costs associated with the bulk movement of mineral ore are eliminated. (Mining tailings can be transported by conveyor belts to any nearby area)
• Significantly improved extraction rate.
• Significantly improved time for the extraction process
• Reduced production cost compared to standard extraction methods
• Ecological
• Modular structure system
• Easy to scale
• Mobile, designed to be easily transported without secondary costs
• Easy to adapt and place on complicated terrain
• Environmentally friendly chemical process
• Reduced production cost per ounce
• Building the processing plant from scratch would take less than 6 months
• Full automation capability
• Accurate monitoring and measurement of precious metal recovery.
• Experience in running conventional mining plants is not required for setting up Genesis
• Eliminates any risk related to the start of production in unexplored gold zones
• Eliminates the need to grind mineral ore
• Genesis is a closed system, eliminating the risk of spills
• Significantly reduces water requirements, making it particularly viable for arid sites
• Water and chemicals are all reused and recycled


We recently acquired a 51% interest in Compania MInera Metalurgica Centro Americana, SA (“Commsa”), a gold mining project (Rio Jalan Project) in Olancho State, in the central highlands of Honduras. This project, which runs along a 12.5 mile stretch of the Rio Jalan River, is a peaceful agrarian area, with only farmers and herders in the five neighboring villages. As part of the agreement, STAL will invest up to US$7.5 million in working capital and equipment for the growth of the project. Environmental licenses have been obtained and exploration is ongoing. The mines will produce gold this year. STAL recently started funding this project. The funds will be used to purchase the equipment needed to start mining operations.


STAL this week signed a binding letter of intent to acquire 51% of NSM USA, the company that owns the lithium mining project which includes 4 lithium mines in Africa that have started operations. STAL will invest up to $2 million to immediately purchase the necessary equipment so that production levels can be increased as soon as possible.


STAL continues to research new “green” technologies related to the extraction of gold and rare earth minerals as well as opportunities for mineral extraction. In addition, we are actively seeking investment financing for our projects. We are confident that we will close at least one of the investment opportunities within the next thirty days.

Richard Carey added: “In addition to adding positive business opportunities, we have strengthened our management team. Weverson Correia recently joined us as our new CEO and Bryan Cappelli joined the board. They bring a wealth of additional expertise and experience. confident in the future growth of STAL and will generate sales and profits before the end of 2022. As always, our primary concern is to increase shareholder value. We will continue to update you with news as it becomes available.”

About Star Alliance International Corp.

Star Alliance International Corp. (“the Company” or “STAL”) was incorporated in the State of Nevada on April 17, 2014 under the laws of the State of Nevada.

In August 2019, following a change of control, STAL acquired the mining titles, buildings and equipment from Troy Mining Corporation. The project is located at the base of the “gold mother lode” in one of the three major vein belts where the greatest concentration of minerals have settled, over the years, in California. Now the final payment for these assets has been made.

Our gold estimates have been confirmed by geologists showing significant gold reserves located in veins in areas covered by our California mining leases.

STAL plans to start mining as soon as possible.

In December 2021, STAL signed the agreements to acquire 51% of Compania Minera Metalurgica Centro Americana SA (Commsa), a Honduran company. Commsa holds the mineral rights to five mines, one approved for mining and four approved for exploration. These mines which have significant gold resources lie along a 12.5 mile stretch of the Rio Jalan River. We will start mining operations very soon and the Company plans to expand operations as soon as possible.

In November 2021, STAL entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire 49% of Lions Works Advertising, SA, a Guatemalan company that owns the “Genesis” ore extraction process. Since signing the letter of intent, the company has renegotiated and will now acquire a 51% stake. This green and environmentally friendly process extracts up to 98% of the gold ore from the rock. A single module deals with 300 to 350 tons of ore per day. Mining speed is up to 400 times faster than a conventional heap leach process.

The Company plans to market “Genesis” to mining companies worldwide.

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