Zelenskyy urges international companies to leave Russia and enter Ukraine


On the 106th day of the Russian-Ukrainian war in Eastern Europe, embattled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday urged companies that have not shut down their operations in Russia to leave the country and start operating in Ukraine. Addressing US business leaders at the Yale CEO meeting, he also warned of severe starvation if Moscow did not break its blockade of Ukrainian ports, which has hampered the shipment of grain.

According to a statement from the office of the President of Ukraine, 100 senior leaders from around the world, as well as renowned scholars from American universities such as Yale, Harvard and Columbia, attended this year’s event which took place in New York. . President Zelenskyy, who joined the summit via video conference, further expressed his gratitude to the people, businesses and government of the United States for their support for Ukraine.

“Companies in the Russian Federation market must leave”

During a question-and-answer session, the president was asked what global business leaders, especially American business leaders, could do to help Ukraine now and in the process of its recovery. after war. In response to this, Zelenskyy asserted that members of the international business community can help if their companies eventually exit the market of the aggressor country and fight to weaken Moscow by continuing to apply tough effective sanctions.

On top of that, Zelenskyy went on to say that these companies can find a place in the Ukrainian market. International companies will boost Ukraine’s economy by building offices in the war-torn country, creating jobs for residents who have lost their jobs and homes to the war, the statement said.

In addition, the Ukrainian President stressed: “This is our common war. Companies that are in the market of the Russian Federation must leave, and leave completely. The most important thing for us is that their taxes will not finance the weapons with which the Russians are killing us.”

Upcoming winter would be ‘the toughest winter’ for Ukraine, says Zelensky

Meanwhile, the head of state has warned that the coming winter will be “the most difficult winter” for Ukraine since its independence. Zelenskyy said in his late-night speech that the nation will not sell gas or coal to foreign countries. He added that gas or coal in the country will be used by Ukrainian citizens.

President Zelenskyy said: “In the current situation due to Russian aggression, this will indeed be the most difficult winter in all the years of independence. But! Everything is fine. We have to go through this so that our people feel the normal work of the state.

Zelenskyy also said they have been working hard to improve Ukraine’s electricity export capacity. He claimed that if Ukraine joins the unified energy network of Europe, electricity exports will help increase foreign exchange earnings and stabilize the energy situation in neighboring countries.

(Picture: AP)


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